"Julián Castro: 'Oppression' is Why I Do Not Speak Spanish" - Granite Grok

“Julián Castro: ‘Oppression’ is Why I Do Not Speak Spanish”


And so it has started – the whining.  That’s what the Democrat belief in victimhood ideology brings. Endless complaints and all the who can be the reverse-holier-than-thou posturing and posing.  And guess what, kiddies?  We get to listen to this for the next almost year and a half!

Actually, this will be a good thing for Conservatives as studies have shown that, for the most part, we are happier than the Left.

We see possibilities where things can be better for the individual instead of the Democrats being down in the dumps over this oppressive act and that dismal situation, throwing shade at the Deplorables and Irredeemables for being the cause of every wrong under the sun.

Sure thing, Julian – you’re parents were oppressed.  Is that the reason why I was never taught Swedish growing up? Emphasis mine:

Julián Castro, the former head of Housing and Urban Development, [and now Dem Prez Wannabee – Skip] explained he does not speak Spanish fluently because his parents felt internalized oppression to make sure he could speak English.

“People, I think, internalized this oppression about it, and basically wanted their kids to first be able to speak English,” Castro said Sunday in an interview aired on MSNBC. “And I think that in my family, like a lot of other families, that the residue of that, the impact of that is that there are many folks whose Spanish is not that great.”

Or was it simply the case that your parents, like mine, decided that to be better Americans, you needed to speak English fluently; the linqua franca between the different ethnic groups?  You know, like in that now (seemingly) distasteful phrase E Pluribus Unum?  Out of many, one?  After all, “melting pot” is now accepted as a really bad microaggression.  Start there and almost everything else in our history is problematic (at best) and evil (at least, on the Left’s position).  Is that why our history is reviled and must be replaced with the PC Anodyne Left-washing of the Day?  Where’s Howard Zinn when you need him to further enhance the badness of America? And if America is that oppressive, why do you want to be President other than to carry out what Hillary said (“And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed.”)?

Sorry, Julian, not buying it.  Methinks your parents were/are much wiser than you in this regard. They knew, just like my native Swedish grandparents and parents, that if you are to succeed (still) in America, you need to speak English.  I have NO problem in knowing multiple languages as I have oft said here that I wish that I could speak Swedish.  The problem, however, is that many AREN’T learning English – and further, because of the balkanizing effect of Multiculturalism over American culture, we have these ethnic communities that refuse to assimilate into the American mainstream. Further harm comes from Political Correctness notion of “cultural appropriation which is, in itself, a form of hostage-taking of those of us who believe in enjoying all of the fruits of all of the cultures that come here.  So which is worse, learning English because it HELPS you, or “language ghettos” that are separate and alone? Do I dare say that a culture that comes here but remains aloof from the rest of is a failed one?  How can that be one of our “American values”, eh?

Es verdad?

Or am I going to get in trouble over that since I’m just an old middle-class gringo?  Oops, I did it again, didn’t I?  Off to the stock for me, eh?

Just bring me a platter of Kung Pao chicken, medium spicy, no celery please.  Oh yeah, a straw for my cup of bovine mammary extract flavored with chocolate syrup made from the cacao beans from exploited Third World farmers (if that isn’t too much to ask for nowadays).

No, Julian, it isn’t oppression – you’re just pandering and making a victim of yourself.  Unfortunately, we’re going to see a whole stage full of this for the next 17 months. God save us all from this dribble.

(H/T: Washington Examiner)