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Islam Requires You to Submit

Muhammad preached in Mecca for 13 years converting about 150 people to Islam. Then he moved to Medina becoming a politician and war lord. In the first two years at Medina, every Jew was murdered, enslaved or exiled. Once in Medina, on average about every six weeks, Muhammad and his followers were involved in an act of violence.

Islamic success comes from…

Muhammad died having subjugated Arabia through a non-religious process. That success sprang from a military and political approach. Jihad is political action with a religious motivation. Political Islam deals with the non-believers.

Sharia is the political implementation of Islamic civilization. There are two major differences between Sharia and the law of other religions. Other religions are for the faithful and the law of the land supersedes religious law. Sharia has a lot to say about the non-believers and claims supremacy over the law of the land.

How to become better informed…

The best way to get information about Islam isn’t to ask a Muslim. The average practitioner likely has not read and studied the sacred texts. What you are likely to hear from them is misinformation. They can only tell you what they understand, as they understand it. The better way is to study the trilogy and failing that to get a copy of the Reliance of the Traveller.


The best way to acquire an informed position is reading the words and deeds of Allah and his prophet for yourself.  It will help you decide whether you are ready to submit. Islam requires of you submission.