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House Democrat Civil War? Team AOC v Team Pelosi

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Remember Saikat Chakrabarti? Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez’ Nazi Sympathizer-shirt-wearing chief of staff. He said that modern House Democrats are “Hell Bent to do to black and brown people today what old Southern Democrats did to them in the 40’s.”

They are getting tired of Pelosi’s pattern of singling out women of color.

The Justice Democrats (that’s what they call themselves) are not happy. They get called out on their anti-Semitism, something, something, and now everyone is supposed to sit on their hands when AOC’s CoS calls them all racists.

I’m not saying she’s wrong. And anyone who understands the Left’s policies on abortion, welfare, housing, and a host of other traps would assume it’s true. But the Justice Democrats support the same policies up several factors of exponentiality, which might not be racist if everyone is trapped in urban ghettoes except elected Democrats and whoever greases their pigs, I mean wheels.

The real problem is this. The Justice Democrats are advocating and advertising the real Democrat agenda. Loud, happy, Socialists pushing for communism. She’s all in on that but has this idea that while most of America needs what they are selling, they won’t buy it like that. 

She’s right. Electorally it presents issues for holding the House. But if that’s true she’d better have a word with the cast of Democrat characters running for President. They aren’t hiding much. Which could mean Pelosi’s inevitable retirement follows another stint in the minority.