Federal Judge Tosses DNC Collusion Lawsuit Against Trump over Hacked Emails - Granite Grok

Federal Judge Tosses DNC Collusion Lawsuit Against Trump over Hacked Emails


Democrats are big on emotion, obfuscation, misdirection, fear, and lies. So, the DNC figured a lawsuit against Trump for colluding with Russia to hack their computers was a win. Not so much. A federal judge has tossed it noting that their “argument is entirely divorced from the facts.”

The DNC suggested a vast international conspiracy to hack the DNC’s computers and make their contents public. The only problem with that thesis is there is no actual evidence to support it.

On Tuesday, Judge Koeltl ruled against the DNC, emphasizing that they did not allege that anyone other than the Russian government participated in the hacking of their systems, and failed to “raise a factual allegation that suggests that any of the defendants were even aware that the Russian Federation was planning to hack the DNC’s computers until after it had already done so.”

The entire exercise was for the press and the narrative. Food for the Mob. Emotion, fear, misdirection. Business as usual for the Left.

Do not expect its demise to go heavily reported.

After three years of shrieking hysteria over Russia collusion, and three years of prominent Democrats like Adam Schiff insisting that proof of it exists, the DNC couldn’t make a single proffer on it. Instead, they relied on an argument that the Trump campaign’s sharing of the information post-hack was evidence of the conspiracy pre-hack, which as Koetle concluded is simply nonsense. “While the court is required to accept the factual allegations in the Second Amended Complaint,” Koetl wrote, “it is not required to accept conclusory allegations asserted as facts.”

The court reinforces this idea with a reminder. Once the information was made public it was protected by the First Amendment. Sharing material in the public domain does not equal collusion or a conspiracy. Especially when you have no facts to back up the claim.

So, if the DNC’s emails had anything at all to do with shifting the election it is entirely the fault of the DNC for allowing themselves to be hacked. All the stuff in the emails that revealed about who Democrats really are and how they really think. Fixing the primaries for Hillary. The Podesta Emails too.

That probably didn’t do them any favors. And it’s all still out there waiting to be mined on route to November 2020. 

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