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Did NH Democrat Dan Feltes Just Admit Their Budget is a Tax Hike on Job Creators

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Governor Sununu vetoed the New Hampshire Democrat’s awful, terrible, irresponsible budget. He had several reasons, but one of the biggest and best was that it raises taxes on job creators. 

New Hampshire’s economy has soared since the Republican majority legislature forced then Governor Hassan to sign off on business tax cuts. She vetoed their budget because (or so the narrative goes) they were tax cuts for out of state corporations and they put a huge hole in revenues. She then caved and tried to take credit for it when Revenues came in above projection.

Disregarding Hassan’s efforts (and successive months of revenue above estimates) the Democrat Party in total still insists these are tax cuts for big out of state corporations. But if they are tax cuts for big out of state corporations, they created the best state economy in the Northeast. Wage growth. The highest labor force participation in state history. More jobs than we can fill and record low unemployment. 

You argue that we should end that “injustice?” Even the government is making more money. You’re idiots.

Meanwhile Back on Twitter…

I asked Greg Moore if he had any comment beyond his tweet. He shared an interaction with the half of Team Dandru Feltinsky with the most hair. Dan Feltes.

Dandru’s response doesn’t even contest that it’s a tax hike. So, are New Hampshire Democrats admitting that their budget is not a tax freeze but a tax hike?

Not to discount Greg’s accurate response but it hardly matters. The facts are clear. The Democrat Budget requires job creators and small business owners to pay more taxes in this fiscal year if Democrats get their way. That’s a retroactive tax hike regardless of when you are required to pay it. And it will put a stake in the heart of several years’ worth of steady economic growth.

But it’s nice to see one of their front men no longer contest the fact that it’s a tax hike. Thanks Dan!

So, when do these Democrats admit that their tax cuts for out of state corporations narrative is either a total deception or that the numbers prove that regardless of what they are they are great for workers and the state economy and Democrats want to raise taxes and put an end to all of that?