CNHT Picnic: former MA Gov. and Presidential Veep Candidate but 2020 Republican Prez Candidate Bill Weld

That would be the former Republican MA Governor and last Presidential election cycle Libertarian Veep candidate Bill “I will always be a Libertarian!” Weld showed up.  Funny, no hide nor hair of JHo (formerly known as former NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horne) was in the house before, during, or after his presentation.  I’m scratching my head bald trying to noodle this one out.  No matter.

Weld is running in the Republican primary, as a Never Trumper, hoping to oust Donald Trump from being the Republican Standard bearer from which ever of the even dozen (Saywell out, Billionaire Tom Steyer in – who’da thunk THAT one??).  He famously said to “pull the lever for Hillary Clinton”, endorsed Obama, and is for abortion;  just a few quick things about his stances.

Go ahead, take a listen.