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Bernie Sanders: It Is No Coincidence His Initials Are BS


Bernie Sanders. It is no coincidence that his initials are, “B.S.” I cannot figure out if he is dumb, ignorant or both. Bernie Sanders never held a real job in life. Bernie Sanders’ first stable paycheck came by way of election to the office of mayor for Burlington Vermont.

That is not a real job. Sorry. Bernie gets elected to the House, then to the Senate. And, as slimy politicians often do, he did not pass up the opportunity to enrich himself.

Sheer Laziness caused Sanders homelessness; kicked out of a hippy commune.

Austerity is not lost on Bernie Sanders. Dining by candles and flashlights was a thing in Bernie’s prior world. That is a thing in everybody’s world who does not pay their light bill.

Today, Bernie Sanders is quite well off. Bernie owns three homes in Vermont. Sanders is now living off the spoils from sales of the book he recently wrote. The book Bernie wrote eschews the capitalist system, despite Bernie making all sorts of money on book sales. Bernie Sanders is indeed a Socialist. A wealthy Socialist because socialism is for the people, not for the socialist.

Bernie Sounds like a broken record. He exhaustively mentions “Sweden,” as a model for his brand of socialism. The problem is Sweden is not a Socialist country. Sweden does have social programs, but it still maintains a market economy. Bernie is an idiot because unlike America, Sweden has a population of 10.2 Million People. To put that into context, the State of Georgia has 10.5 Million people; the state of North Carolina has 10.3 million people. Second, Sweden’s personal income tax rate is roughly 61.5% per person.

Finally, Sweden has some of the strictest immigration laws in the world. In 2015, Sweden accepted 162,877 refugees. This is a record for Sweden. America can have upwards of 100,000 crimmigrants and crimaliens unlawfully cross the American border in just a month.

There are twenty-four Socialist Candidates running to ruin the country. If you listen to them stump there are three themes: America is racist and unfair; America is greedy and corrupt; and the people who elected Trump are all racists. There is not one thread of optimism in any of these campaigns. They want to lord over you; they want to take away your prosperity; they want to regulate the food you eat, the clothes you wear; what you listen to or learn in school. They will cause a civil war, should they succeed.

Then you have that, “Squad.” This nation cannot be rid of them soon enough. You have Ocasio-Cortez…Dumber than a bag of hammers; Omar, the Jew-hating anti-Semite who went to Washington; Tlaib the foul-mouthed moron from Michigan and that other lightweight Ayanna Pressley from the peoples Republik of Massachusetts. What kind of Squad is that?

We have Bernie Sanders to thank for all this. Bernie the mental mentor to all these idiots now running wild in congress. He is the one who shepherded all these idiots.