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Arbitrary Wage Meddling Claims More Victims – Democrats Can’t Wait to Do that Here!

A few years ago, the unions told the Democrats they needed to push for an arbitrary $15.00 per hour minimum wage. We’ll take in more dues and give you more money. They all clicked their heels together and went to work. The fallout from this socialist experiment continues.

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Restaurants Unlimited Inc. operates 35 upscale dining establishments but thanks to cost pressures placed upon them by meddling Democrats and their stupid wage antics, they’ve filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

“Over the past three years, the company’s profitability has been significantly impacted by progressive wage laws along the Pacific coast that have increased the minimum wage,” Bagley said. “As a large employer in the Seattle metro market, for instance, the company was one of the first in the market to be forced to institute wage hikes.”

Its restaurants are all out there on the left-Coast. That’s where the Fight for 15  is over and business owners and low income, minority, and unskilled workers lost. Restaurants Unlimited estimates that the Lefty Wage meddling led to $10.6 million in added payroll costs through fiscal 2019.

Seems like a lot. So, how did all that redistributed wealth help these local leftist economies with their high taxes, heavy regulation, epidemic homelessness, and exodus-like migrations eastward?

I think I just answered the question.

Here’s the one you should ask. Why do New Hampshire Democrats want to punish Granite Staters with the same policies?

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