And the Boston TEA Party gave us....the Betsy Ross Flag (among other things) - Granite Grok

And the Boston TEA Party gave us….the Betsy Ross Flag (among other things)

A cute little ditty on how America came to be…

And the Betsy Ross flag, the flag that was about Independence and now the Socialists are trying to redefine it as a racist flag, was part of that process.

You DO notice, don’t you, how everything about our Founding is now racist? That’s what this whole Nike / Betsy Ross flag sneaker / Colin Kaepernick tempest in a teacup is all about.  It isn’t about a sneaker, it isn’t about Black Live Matter More Than Others.  It’s about our history being turned against itself. And by doing that, our entire nation is not even OK (as the NYT tried to force down our throats on our nation’s Birthday).

Being that “racist!” is one of the highest insults one can be called (resulting in social ostraciation and job loss), they are laying the foundation to completely discredit how this nation came to be so as to “redefine” America in their image. After all, Democrat Socialism is so much different than that regular Socialism isn’t it?  Isn’t it all about sharing and we’ve been told all the way through from kindergarten (well, those students whose teachers came from the New Left back in the 1960s who taught their teachers)?

This can only happen, however, when they change the mindset of the populace that this is an evil country (to wit, here) and that it was born out of evilness.  In other words, and unlike the current Cloward and Piven exercise on our Southern border, the Left IS creating a manufactured crisis.  If we let them but that can’t happen the more YOU know OUR history.

Time to hit the books, kiddos, and learn more and counteract their propaganda and persuade YOUR family and friends their endgame is a lot different than what the Founders believed.  Biggest thing?

In the Socialists vision, all talk about “Freedom from want.”  Trust me, after any amount of time, you’ll find that it turns out to be “Freedom from Liberty” as Liberty is not included.

Time to continue to tell them “Up Yours”.