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Quick Thought – and they STILL want more money from the State??

How about when you pay attention to your own details, first (emphasis mine, reformatted)?

IRS hits Claremont schools with $320,000 in penalties

Paperwork failures are again costing the school district that serves Claremont and Unity, this time with the Internal Revenue Service putting SAU 6 on notice for a $320,000 fine…LeClair said she became aware in the past several weeks that the district’s business office had not been complying with federal filing requirements as part of the Affordable Care Act for district employees. A letter from IRS officials informed the district that is is now looking at a $160,000 fine for failing the filing requirements, and an additional $160,000 for failing to provide full-time district employees with specific forms required by the ACA. LeClair has engaged legal counsel to assist with the issue, but said the $320,000 figure may not be the end result. That number could potentially grow, as more paperwork failures could be discovered.

Ayup, best and finest – not.  Really, this looks like what many Progressives call “market failure”. Oh, Oops!  That’s when the free market doesn’t behave like they want it to so they call it a failure because it doesn’t address what they think it should (and conveniently “forget” that millions of people decided for that “outcome” (or not).  Here, it’s just “an unfortunate mistake” and never utter the word “government” in there somewhere.  To me, this is simply yet another government failure.  Sounds like the time is ripe for competition to be brought in but the Status Quo Educational folks (Admins, Boards, teachers unions) won’t agree with me on this one (not that they agree with ANYTHING I think – silly people).

And this is on top of the Lunch Money Disaster that is the Claremont School system. And all that other stuff they were buying (yes, go read Jim’s article again).  Often in the debate over abortion and Planned Parenthood (can we get them out of our schools, too?), the phrase “money is fungible” and it’s clear from Jim’s post that Claremont has made it true for school systems as well.

I don’t want to keep hearing that other people are entitled to my town’s tax monies simply because they’ve mismanaged themselves, not just in the above stuff but overall, too, in not growing their tax base.  Other towns have figured it out – why haven’t they?

(H/T: Union Leader)