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Of Harpies and Hoplophobes

The Bloomberg Harpies and Hoplophobes are at it again. “Ravenous Gun Culture?” Who in the heck thought that descriptor up? [insert laughy faces here…three]. That descriptor is the best I have seen all year! Merriam Webster defines, “Ravenous,” as,” extremely hungry, assuming one is talking about food. I don’t think that is accurate.

“Ravenous Gun culture” One cannot eat guns. However, this gaggle of reps, like the bunch of noisy geese they are, do not appear to be missing many meals. So they should avoid words like ravenous.

Presently there are state reps from Nashua and Merrimack, along with the assault rep from Concord and a gaggle of Seacoast reps advocating for draconian gun bills. Massachusetts and New York Gun laws are the gold standards. The bar by which they craft their model legislation for the Granite State. To them, the Granite State Gun Owner is the devil. Not even human in their world. The sentiment oozes from their great big pores and you can smell it like sulfur. Visceral Disdain for every gun owner in New Hampshire.

These people are completely off their rockers. About two years ago, as I was perambulating (that is my awesome big word of the day) through the LOB cafeteria, I actually hear a woman utter, “If we did have a mass shooting, that would go a long way to passing our gun legislation.” Honestly, who thinks like that?

These Harpies and Hoplophobes are in desperate need of psychological help. When one is willing to blatantly lie publicly about needing police protection, something is rotten in Denmark. Never mind the false narrative being purported i.e. that gun owners are dangerous people. The legislators are not rational. They need a dose of the electrified spoons to their temple up on South Fruit Street in Concord.

The good news is that most people think these lawmakers are totally full of crap. Rational people wake up in the morning, perhaps drink some coffee or tea, have breakfast and otherwise not have any pressing concerns other than what life throws at them. Juxtapose that with this fake notion, this work of fiction that the Granite State is unsafe because of the second amendment. Facts show us the opposite to be true.

The final consideration should be this: At what point is it ever okay to abuse the citizens, lie to them, confabulate, assault them and just generally act like uncivilized human beings? How are they going to react to the Governor vetoing all their bills? What will they be like when their anti-gun legislation ends up in flames in the circular file? Think about that. You folks elected these idiots. You can un-elect them.