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NHPR: Why So Much Pollen This Year? – Too Much Cooling, No Wait! It’s Warming!


Did you know that we’ve got all this pollen because we had an unusually cold spring? Did you also know that we’ve got all this pollen because of Global Warming?  Yes, cooling, and warming!

How can that be? Simple. There’ Nothing Global Warming can’t do. And NHPR is (naturally) here to help with a piece called  Ask Sam: Why Is There So Much Pollen This Year?

I had my suspicions about this article from the start. It looks like an innocuous Q and A about why New Hampshire has so (damn much) pollen this year. As expected, some real science leads us to some politicized science.


Rain followed by sun is good for plants, which means more pollen. That also sounds a lot like this spring as a whole, right?

The other thing that’s going on is that this spring was cold, the coolest since 2008 in many parts of the state. Which means that a lot of the plants that usually put out pollen in the spring were a couple weeks behind.

You got that. Late spring, by a few weeks. Too cold. Two sentences and one subheading later, it’s too warm.

Perhaps you’ve heard? The climate is warming. This means spring comes earlier, fall starts later and that longer growing season means a longer more intense, pollen season.

Spring is coming earlier and that makes allergy season worse except when Spring is a few weeks late – and that makes allergy season worse.

There’s a link in the pull quote to a Vox piece (I, know, seriously?) pushing Climate Change as the source of this catastrophe. And let’s be clear: the climate is changing, but it’s got not one damn thing to do with you.

Sam, to reinforce this contradiction, links to a report about how for the past 20-years we’ve gained an extra day of allergy season. Probably true. I didn’t read the report, But I have a hunch there’s no mention of how the last 20-years we’ve been enjoying a solar maximum. The sun, warming the planet.

No mention of sunspots I’d bet either.

Sam doesn’t bring it up even though he links warming to pollen, or is it cooling?

No chance mention or a link to this research by Prof Valentina Zharkova on the link between Solar Inertial Motion and centuries of Solar Maxima and Minima either – the real driver of temper change (and climate) on earth.

He’s got time to pander to the political warming narrative but not the science behind it. (Vox, seriously?)

This also means that we will not see a word about the beginning of the next solar minimum. Which may (just may) be why spring started several weeks late this year. But that gives us a sense of what to look for moving forward.

At some point, maybe next June, we’ll see another article about how ‘climate change’ and a drop in seasonal tree pollen are connected, how you, dear readers are (even if it is just subliminally) to blame, which feeds the prevailing Demcorat Socialist narrative that you need to let the government rob you to “fix it.”