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NH Senate Advances Bill to Allow Campaign Expenditures for Child Care


HB651 is back in the news. “AN ACT allowing the use of campaign funds for child care expenses.” The NH Senate has passed the legislation and I still have issues with it.

Back in April, I offered up a host of potential problems with the language.

What exactly are “expenses incurred by a candidate for childcare”?

There’s no clarification. There is no definition for either “child” or “care.” Do they have to be your children or can they be someone else’s?

There is no standard that limits expenditures to the children of parents or legal guardians running for office. There is no law to prevent people from paying for the childcare of children that are not theirs. Why couldn’t anyone under HB 651 use campaign dollars to pay anyone claiming to care for any child for which there are expenses?

And what is care, and what is a child under HB651?

The Senate amended it, but all of my issues remain on the table.

Given the proclivity of the culture to demand things of or for anyone by abandoning existing definitions of common words, this seems sloppy to me. It might even be a trap.

One loaded with invitations for abuse that the Democrat majority legislature is driving toward with zeal.

This doesn’t seem to be bothering anyone but me. And maybe I’m being overly cynical. But I’m predicting that this will get signed into law by the Governor, and sometime shortly after that, the abuse will begin and, more or less, continue unaddressed indefinitely.

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