New Climate Catastrophe: Melting Arctic Will Release Anthrax, Nuclear Waste, Doom! - Granite Grok

New Climate Catastrophe: Melting Arctic Will Release Anthrax, Nuclear Waste, Doom!

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Desperate Rent Seekers seek government grant. Will say anything to get one. Like, melting arctic ice will release plagues upon the earth.

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Climate Cult scientism meets biblical catastrophes.

No, not frogs, or locust, or raining fire. Well, maybe. We’re talking about nuclear waste, anthrax, methane and the overlord of evils, trapped carbon dioxide. Climate Chaos!!!

But you can help slow it down and perhaps even heal it. All you have to do is let the government control all energy supply and let them pilfer your pockets indefinitely to pay for their “fixes.”

None of which will work. Well, as we so often note, that’s not entirely correct. The purpose of the fleecing and control-mongering will work. It will grant the political class greater control of the political means to enrich the state that feeds them (before you). That’s the real goal. The idea of using scare-tactics about global catastrophe is just the sleight of hand they feel will yield them the best results; global control of everything that needs or uses energy, which is most everything, including you.

Desperation in the Face of a Major Solar Minimum

As we’ve reported, the sun’s various cycles are aligning for at the very least a long spell of colder than average weather. A solar minimum. Depending on other factors, it could be longer than long. It is a time when we will want and need abundant, affordable energy. And in the next few years, it will become uncomfortably evident that the planet is cooling. And that neither wind, nor solar, nor socialists nor government can do a thing about it but make it worse for the people living through it.

Maybe millions will die as a result of their mismanagement. Don’t be alarmed that this is one of the goals. Depopulation. And they are the party of infanticide. That’s not a coincidence.

A cooling planet doesn’t bode well for the CO2 is warming the planet narrative. Cold people want heat, not frozen windmills, and snow-covered solar panels. We don’t want electricity rationing either. But the window is closing. So, the left’s antics and hysteria must rise to the challenge.

Trust me, they will say anything at this point even though nothing they have predicted has come true. Because if they don’t take what they want by force now (or in the next few years) this plan is doomed. So, the crazy you’ve come to expect will look normal compared to what’s happening.

And if the escaping apocalyptic plague narrative isn’t nuts enough try this.

Brits could work for just 10 hours a week and take home up to 75 per cent less pay under a radical scheme to tackle climate change being discussed by Labour.

Because the effects of climate change will demand a shorter than ten hour work week (productivity is bad for the planet) so, let’s cut it now and you just live with that 75% cut in pay.

It’s not a coincidence that progressive economic policies do that anyway. Cost jobs, productivity, lowering wages. And now the left’s climate agenda suggests the same thing. 

And it all makes more people dependent on the government. Which is all they are after. Even it means predicting plagues with what will turn out to be the same accuracy as all their other doomsaying.

And no, none of that is a coincidence either.