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Just Shared This on Sen. Shaheen’s Facebook Page on Exposing Sea Level Rise Fraud

UCS Snow and Global Warming

I’ve covered most of the Sea-level Rise (SLR) fraud occurring around these parts. Most of the other climate fraud too (like the flip flop on snow). So, when Jeanne Shaheen posted some Climate Cult SLR Dogma on her Facebook page, Kimberly Morin tagged me.

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You can follow the link to Shaheen’s Facebook page or not. It’s Cult chapter and verse. What I wanted to share was what I posted on Jeanne Shaheen’s Facebook page in response. 

Not too long ago Tony Heller at Real Climate Science (currently operating as The Deplorable Climate Science Blog) published a short video that included two things I often discuss when New Hampshire’s Climate Cult gets spun up about SLR. The Union of Concerned Scientists, and things that actually impact Northeastern Sea levels. 

Tony wraps the ridiculousness up in just a few minutes.

Take a look.