"Climate Change" 'Changes' - Abundant Snow from "Warming" to No Snow Cuz ''Warming' - Granite Grok

“Climate Change” ‘Changes’ – Abundant Snow from “Warming” to No Snow Cuz ”Warming’

Wheel of Climate change

The one thing we can say about climate change is that it changes. And by that, we mean the way the Climate Cult portrays reality compared to their “theory.” Take snow, for example. Not that long ago we were told our children wouldn’t know what snow is. In New Hampshire.

Mine have all grown up since then. They may not know how to shovel snow, but they’ve seen it. Lots of it. So much that somewhere between then and now the same people decided that their theory did (in fact) predict higher snowfalls.

The new normal has changed again.

The fortune tellers experts who are paid to spend their day gazing into crystal balls computer models have seen something. The future of climate change has less snow.

“Our recent modeling suggests that under a high emissions scenario, skiing could be very limited to non-existent in parts of the country by the end of this century, particularly in lower elevations — such as the northeast, Midwest and lower mountains around the West,” says Cameron Wobus, lead author on a 2017 study projecting climate change impacts on skiing across the U.S. “Things look better mid-century, so this dire future for skiing isn’t imminent — and things also look much better under a more aggressive greenhouse gas mitigation scenario, so this future also isn’t inevitable.”

I thought the Future was Now?

By future, they mean: “all locations are projected to see reductions in winter recreation season lengths, exceeding 50% by 2050 and 80% in 2090 for some downhill skiing locations.”

Plenty of time to change the prediction. None of this, ice-free arctic in ten years rubbish. We’re talking about rising CO2 creating warming that will put an end to ski season. So what if that’s the same prediction they made in the late ’70s about today. The one they changed after nearly a decade of no warming despite the continued rise in CO2.

But if CO2 is still the boogeyman. And Warming is still the prognosis. Snowless winters are back on the menu. Because when you have an unverifiable hypothesis, it means whatever you want whenever you want for as long as people are will to buy you bulls**t which is forever when the globalists and ruling class are in on the scheme.