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Read This and You’ll Know More About “Sea Level” than 99% of Climate Cult Alarmists

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The Climate cult radicals are the immovable object. Man’s burning of fossil fuels adds evil CO2, which is melting this or that and so on and so forth. This will end in catastrophe, but if we act now by redirecting (your) property and give away your rights (to the government), they can stop it.

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The idea that the government can do anything but help the government is more absurd than the assumption that your lifestyle is going to turn Raymond New Hampshire into beachfront property.

Neither is true.

What is true is that the variables are many. And the “models” and the prognosticators of doom have, to date, been wrong about everything. Not even close.

Enter Dr. Judith Curry. An actual climate scientist. Last year she produced a report called sea level and climate change. It examines all the relevant factors that relate to sea level, not just the political ones that make the left happy and the government bigger.

Information you may find useful in a debate on the subject.

An understanding of sea-level change requires maintaining a clear distinction between global (or eustatic) sea-level and local relative sea-level. Sea level changes can be driven by either variations in the masses or volume of the oceans (‘eustatic’), or by changes of the sea surface relative to the land (‘relative’).

The Left’s scaremongering focus entirely on one aspect of eustatic change. Land-based ice melt. But that’s one small factor among many.

Eustatic change (as opposed to local change) results in an alteration to the global sea levels due to changes in either the volume of water in the world’s oceans or net changes in the volume of the ocean basins. Determination and interpretation of sea level rise is complicated by the fact that both mean sea level and the solid earth surface move vertically with respect to each other. This movement in effect changes the shape of the ‘bathtub.’

While melting land ice adds water to the oceans, sea level changes as a result of geologic action irrelevant of ice melt or how you get to work or heat your home.  And yes, the land-based melt has contributed to sea level rise, steadily, over thousands of years, but,

Sea level also changes in response to changing volume of the ocean basins. Some land movements occur because of isostatic adjustment of the Earth’s mantle since the end of the last ice age. The weight of the ice sheet depresses the underlying land, and when the ice melts away the land slowly rebounds. This is referred to as glacial isostatic
adjustment (GIA).

In some places that rebound lowers sea level relative to land. In others, like the northeast, it contributes to the appearance of rising seas when, in fact, the change is a result of slowly sinking land.

The green deal can’t change that.

One more point I never get tired of seeing or making.

Melting of sea ice has no impact on sea level – water or ice that is already floating does not change the sea level by melting/freezing.

The weight of the sea ice displaces an amount of water equal the water in the ice were it to melt. This isn’t new. But there is a ton of information in the report that might seem new, and while it’s a bit geeky, I recommend it if you are looking for tools with which to debate the topic. You won’t be disappointed.