Jan Schmidt: makes serious lie about GraniteGrok and now makes herself a victim for doing so - Granite Grok

Jan Schmidt: makes serious lie about GraniteGrok and now makes herself a victim for doing so


Her as well as her fellow NH State Representative, Debra Altschiller (her alleged assault on Susan Olsen) – trying to turn the tables? More on Altschiller later but now that word is getting out that this elected official has blocked me, I’m getting screenshots from others about her whining.  Like this one:

A most perfect example of Progressive Victimology:

  • She lied that Merrimack based Democrat NH State Reps were receiving police protective services
  • She lie that GraniteGrok was the root cause of it
  • Merrimack Police Department unambiguously refuted Jan Schmidt’s claim

And yes – follow the Court precedent but she won’t.  So she whines that I am demanding that she follow the Court’s decision.  After all, President Trump was forced to unblock followers in a “designated public forum” – is she above the law?  I think not – and why not hold her to the same standard that a Republican must follow?  But this next one?

And he is going to request I be censured in the State House for lying about him when I said something about Merrimack.

Something?  Just something?  Well, isn’t that the broadbrush of Progressivism at work in dismissing something they’ve done (“Is that like a cloth or something?”).  She conveniently leaves out the meat of the problem – accusing us of causing others to seek police protection. That’s actionable.  Here are her actual words:

To recap:

Jan Schmidt hate blog police protection cropped

“It is a blog used to attack anyone not of the far right. Several Reps from Merrimack now have police protection because of the hate grog has whipped up – for absolutely no reason.

Right – you just have to love the Progressive low standard of “hate” – talk about them, put up their voting records. Gosh, we triggered them, according to Jan.  Does she believe that she can lie with impunity because she’s a woman?  An Alderman? A NH State Rep?  Or simply because she’s a Progressive and I’m not?  Again, notice the “dumbing down” she’s attempting: “..when I said something about the police in Merrimack…”.  Is she a priestess that can absolve herself of what she said?

And NOW she’s a victim?  Never does she admit that it is of her own making.  Instead, she points the bony finger at us, a “hate-blog”.  Really, simply just because we caught her in her lie. And I challenger her to show me where I said that I was going to seek to have her censored?  As far as I can see now in the Facebook Group in which this was happening, there’s nothing there.

She does quote me correctly with

Your words, now your call. I’ll even give you an option – how would you like me to proceed?

What she should have done, right then and there, was TO APOLOGIZE.  Instead, she kept digging by throwing the Woman Card.  Yep, she really thinks that I care about that, that I would bow down to the Democrat Identity Political Group Totem Pole? Hahahahaha.  Sorry, you can’t play both parts (“I am woman, here my ROAR” vs “I’m so frightened/ fragile as a woman”) out of each side of your mouth.  You can’t claim to be an equal and then act as if you aren’t – pick one and stick to it.

Sorry, I’m not going to stop because you haven’t.  You actually should be doing your homework and be reading GraniteGrok because you would learn a few things about us – maybe.

The bottom line is that you STILL lied about us and lied about the Merrimack Police doing protective service details.  And now you’ve given us yet one more thing to check that wasn’t specifically covered by our first RSA 91:A Right To Know demand.

It all comes down to this – are Progressive female NH State Reps accountable?  Or not? Are they supposed to be following the same societal norms, traditional norms about lying and telling the truth, as the rest of us?  Are they supposed to follow the same laws they pass on us?

No, I’m not here to “frighten” anyone – that’s YOUR emotions and I’m not responsible for them. Just like I’m not responsible for your freely made actions and speech.

I don’t CARE about your emotions (maybe other Democrats and Progressives do but we on the Right are tired of all that as it has been used as Political Cudgels for far too long and we no longer will allow it to replace logic, reason, and facts. So stop your whining and man up to what you said. Because while I’m not responsible for your freely made actions and speech, I am capable of acting on your decisions to utter such speech.

No, posing now as a victim, flipping a Womens Card, and expecting me to quiver over it may work on other Progressives and many RINOs, but you’ve run into the wrong crew.

And, by the way, why didn’t you stop your husband’s screaming at another woman?