Heroes matter. Guess who Progressives think are not - and who should be - Granite Grok

Heroes matter. Guess who Progressives think are not – and who should be

This could also have been a BlogLine of the Day but requires a bit more thinking.  So, here’s my information backdrop

US Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan –  Asserts that the amount of deviant behavior in American society has increased beyond levels the community can afford to recognize and that society has been redefining deviancy to exempt much conduct previously stigmatized and accepting as normal behavior that considered abnormal by earlier standards. Redefinition is categorized as altruistic, opportunistic, and normalizing

And to the Progressive mindset of what is wrong – and what is to be lauded vis-a-vis Monyihan’s supposition:

Out With Old, In With the New

Monuments and statues are erected to honor heroes.  In New York City, they have a strange twist to that fact.  The city will erect monuments to Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson.  Both are drag queens who were instrumental in the anti-police Stonewall riots in 1969.  Johnson was a violent schizophrenic requiring antipsychotic medication.  In 2016, Obama designated the Stonewall Inn and surrounding area a national monument.  It strikes this writer as strange that as people fight to tear down statues of Washington, Jefferson, Lee and others (you know…true heroes), NYC is erecting statues to gay psychotic drag queens.

And the Left can’t understand why we Normals find this totally unacceptable? Progressives denigrate some of the best political minds of history simply because they didn’t meet the PC morality of the day.  However, that which has been taboo for almost forever is now lifted up as an ideal to live by.  The former pledged their lives and their fortunes for their radical ideas of sovereignty of the Individual over The State – and not a few paid that price for those lofty goals.

Meanwhile, statues being raised for those for whom immediate self-gratification and narcissism are the new highest ideal?

(H/T: RedState)