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FBI Document Dump Proves Hillary Clinton Should be In Prison


Yesterday’s document dump was revealing. Hillary’s server was illegal. Clinton deliberately stripped the classified markings. She illegally emailed that classified information. All of the emails could have been stolen (and we know they all were ). FBI and Justice knew all this and didn’t charge her.

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But don’t you dare suggest there are two sets of laws and rules. That’s just bigotry or sexism or something.

Starting with Hillary’s actions, her criminality isn’t even in doubt anymore. Stripping highly classified materials of their markings and then pushing them out via unapproved means is illegal. Nowhere in the statute is (sp) their a requirement for “intent” nor could any serious person argue she didn’t intend to do what she actively chose to do.

While we already knew that, it’s pretty amazing to see that even the FBI was admitting it at the time. Shortly after, the full whitewash would go into effect.

There’s also some great stuff about Clinton Crime Family friend Sid Blumenthal. It looks like Sid was angling for a deal to make millions after the collapse of Libya. Do you remember Libya? Ann Kuster does, now. It’s that otherwise stable non-jihadist country that Obama and Hillary destabilized and turned into a jihadist country.

Benghazi is in Libya.

We’ve got movies about that place. No, not the YouTube variety used by Democrats to deflect their incompetence or disinterest about letting people die in a planned Jihadi attack at the American embassy there. An actual movie about what happened and the people who did and did not die.

It’s kind of a big deal.

So is this FBI data dump. Hillary should be in prison. As should whoever let her off given that the FBI knew she should be in prison and the Obama administration and Loretta Lynch obstructed justice.

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