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CNN Almost Commits an Act of Journalism on Border Crisis™ (We’ll Fill in The Blanks)

Border Wall

From the “just because we know it will come up” category: division of lefties parroting vapid party talking points. The “border crisis™.” CNN’s trying to appear fair and balanced.

Because it’s that thing that isn’t a thing (when it’s a thing for it to not be a thing) until it needs to be a thing. Put another way, pay no attention to the man behind the “curtain…”

Here’s the deal. And I’ve made the case on scores of occasions. Democrat’s do not care about anything but power. Not you, not who you love, not your age, sex, color or creed, not where you are or where you came from, nor what you do or don’t do. Their only concern is if or how they can leverage an emotional message about any of that to advance government control and intrusion. 

During Family Separation week, or was it Separating Family’s Week, we discovered that years of Obama era border separation were ignored. Actual public remarks by Democrats about the dangers and problems at the border were ignored. And why shouldn’t they be – no one meant any of it and they all knew it.

Forward! to the era of President Trump and every issue Democrats pretended to care about (or didn’t) made a 180-degree turn. Decisions based entirely on where Mr. Trump landed. With no regard to their own past statements or lack of them. Because that position became the most likely emotional trigger with which to “buy” leverage.

Proof once again that Democrats do not care about anything but power.

So, what do we make of this?

CNN plays a clip of Mr. Obama making, not for the first time, Trumpian arguments about the border and (gasp!) children. Don’t send your children. Human Trafficking.

Where was the outrage then? Well, that was never the point, not exactly. The idea was to use this to advance Democrat policies whose side-effect created the opioid epidemic. 

Obama used his phone and his pen to create DACA Amnesty in 2014. For the children. That unaccompanied minor problem of which he laments in the clip below.

The plan is to flood the nation with a dependent class that would stress the system and with the right laws in place make them Democrat voters.

This opened the border and started the influx of drug mules and MS-13 gang members. In New Hampshire, as in many states, right after those decisions, hundreds now die annually from drug overdoses because the left wanted foreign help to secure the one-party state.

Mr. Obama didn’t mean what he says, and neither does CNN. If they did, the investigative journalists would have continued to the national crisis that followed as a result – whose solution is to institute stricter control of who crosses, why, and when. You know, the sort of vetting you’d get if you showed up at the check-in desk at any Democrat party event wearing a MAGA hat.

So, while this is almost refreshing (for CNN it may even be cathartic) it is a crouton offered to a starving idea-hungry for truth.

 It is, as is almost every such appeal from Democrats, a tale told by left-wing idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing (but their desire to trigger you into giving them more power).

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