Can't hide the fact Trump is a law-abiding American - Granite Grok

Can’t hide the fact Trump is a law-abiding American

Having failed to protect the Washington establishment’s interests by accusing President Trump of collusion or criminality, Robert Mueller tried to redeem himself in his May 29 retirement speech. His excuse for failure contradicted his previous statements and required subsequent “clarification”/correction, and he tried to avoid a congressional appearance (and its embarrassing questions).

Robert Mueller was selected when the Washington establishment needed someone unethical enough to frame an innocent man. Mueller, who kept innocent people in prison and withheld information that should have ended the sale of American uranium to the Russians, met that criteria.

An ethical person with Mueller’s conflicts of interest wouldn’t have accepted his assignment. Mueller is too conflicted to sit on a jury considering any matter concerning Trump. Mueller is friends with key witnesses, had a business dispute with Trump, and apparently wanted to replace Comey as FBI director.

With the media endlessly screaming “collusion!”; the Steele dossier; claimed proof by Congressman Schiff, Obama’s intelligence officials, and others; unprecedented access to presidential personnel and records; and a team of 19 anti-Trump prosecutors and 40 FBI investigators, it was considered easy. Mueller and his team aggressively (even threatening, jailing, bribing, bankrupting innocent people) tried to uncover collusion or lawbreaking by Trump, they couldn’t.

The Steele dossier was a known fraud, Schiff and others lied, the false charges were politically instigated.

Although Mueller says that our judicial system demands that the indicted Russians must be considered innocent until proven guilty, he uses a Stalinist standard for Trump, claiming the need to prove Trump innocent. It’s not a prosecutor’s job to prove someone innocent, that’s essentially impossible.

E.g., how could you prove that Robert Mueller isn’t a serial rapist and murderer of young girls? When prosecutors don’t have evidence to charge a crime, it’s un-American to suggest a person is nevertheless guilty.

Certainly Mueller’s anti-Trump team would have charged Trump with a crime if they could. So, since their “report cannot conclude that the president committed a crime”, they produced a report with mischaracterizations, half-truths, and without exculpatory evidence to slander the president and hide that apparently Trump is a very law-abiding American.

The false collusion, obstruction, and now impeachment charges against Trump were and are driven by one thing: the Washington establishment can’t have someone make government work for the people rather than for the special interests.

President Trump shows that, by putting the people first, government can encourage the economy so people get better jobs, higher incomes, and lower taxes; make our communities safer; enable better and less costly health insurance/care; stop subsidizing wealthy countries at the expense of American taxpayers and workers; and make the world safer.