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Candidate Joe Biden Caught Plagiarizing Again and Again and Again

Before he was creepy-Joe Biden, he was Plagiarizing Joe Biden. So it comes as no surprise that he’s not just having trouble keeping his hands off girls and women. Both his Environment and Education plans include sections lifted from the work of others without any attribution.

The Daily Caller reports that there are at least five separate instances of Jos being Joe in his ‘Climate Plan.’

Josh Nelson, co-director of environmentalist group CREDO Action, highlighted two instances where Biden’s campaign used the exact same language as left-wing nonprofits, without citations. … A subsequent review of Biden’s plan by The Daily Caller News Foundation identified three other examples of similarly phrased excerpts.

RedState shares a tweet that summarizes the “oversight.”

Elsewhere in the Biden universe, Education policy is also being lifted and shared as if it were his own. The GOP titles this revelation,Biden’s 2020 Platform: Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V.” Copy and paste for those not familiar with those keyboard shortcuts.

Less than 24 hours after it was exposed that Biden plagiarized his climate plan, The Washington Post caught him plagiarizing his education plan too.

The Post notes “Biden used a sentence word for word from an education policy publication from the group XQ Institute.”

Before we get the idea that this is some right-wing conspiracy, the odds are good that the majority of leads provided to the press on these oversights will be becoming from Bernie, Warren, Harris, and others. 

And that is totally awesome. For once the Democrat socialists are doing all the work, and we get to reap all the benefits.