Are Left-Wing Genderless Bathroom Policies Eroding LGBTQ Support Among Young Women? - Granite Grok

Are Left-Wing Genderless Bathroom Policies Eroding LGBTQ Support Among Young Women?

LGBTQ Tolerance v Young Women

The LGBTQ movement is losing support from 18-34-year-olds. A new Harris poll shows a drop from 53% in 2017 to 45% in 2018. The major drivers? Young women. Yes, Left-wing open-bathroom and locker policy may be eroding LGBTQ support among young people.

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Support from women age 18-34 fell twelve points. 

The CEO of GLADD says it’s the ‘newness of nonconformity.’ 

“This newness they are experiencing could be leading to this erosion. It’s a newness that takes time for people to understand. Our job is to educate about non-conformity,” she said.

It is, more likely, the militant nature of the indoctrination. Legislatures are passing laws allowing men into women’s private spaces. Boys and men are competing and winning at girl’s sports. But you get be smeared as a bigot or homophone for disagreeing on any particular point on the gender indoctrination spectrum.

This isn’t discrimination unless by that you mean against biological women.

Non-conformity is being force-fed through intimidation and it is turning young women into victims of policy while LGBTQ folks whine about being victims of “hate.”

GLADD says there have been something like 40 hate crimes against LGBTQ folk this year. That’s a fraction of the hate crimes against Jews in NYC, probably in one month. Possibly a single week.

Conservatives and Republicans have suffered more threats and hate crimes at the hands of the Left (and maybe even the LGBTQ community) than that.

And women? Imposing “non-conformity by force of law is denying them the ability to feel comfortable in public places.

If you think they just need time to get used to that then you are sadly mistaken.

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