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“Experts” Can’t Figure Out Why No One Wants to Date Trans-Women

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Once upon a time, there was a princess. But he couldn’t seem to find a date for the ball. A recent survey suggests why. Nearly 88% of those surveyed had no interest in dating Trans people.

In a recent Psychology Today survey 87.5% of those asked about preferred dating partners chose someone who “lives as his or her sex.” Over 96% of heterosexuals would not date a transgender and only 45% of bisexual or queer respondents would.


War Against Nature

The Left’s culture war has turned tens of thousands of years of human “evolution” on its heads in just a few years. But psychologists can’t seem to imagine why the sexual attraction behind the survival of the species is still a bigger human motivator than cultural constructs that are biological dead ends.


It’s an odd tack coming from folks who must understand that if we are descended from apes they were not trans-apes. Those genes were washed out of the gene pool long ago. Survived by simian bigots. 

The other obvious result of this academic research is that this prejudice leads to peer pressure. Like the sort applied by the left to get heterosexuals to ignore reality and date men in dresses?

[Karen] Blair still seems puzzled at the responses that indicated “individuals were least likely to express an interest in dating trans women, even if their sexual identity would otherwise indicate an interest in women (i.e., straight men, lesbian women, or queer/bisexual individuals).”

I don’t suppose they include that in Drag Queen Storytime? Oh, by the way, you’ll probably be lonely, become a victim of substance abuse, and kill yourself. The End.

Nicole Russell’s Federalist Article also reports that,

If I am a man, why would I be attracted to someone who wants to look like neither a man or a woman? If I am a woman, why would I be suddenly attracted to someone who identifies as a woman yet retains many masculine traits? This is confusing and goes against nature. Blair’s refusal to acknowledge these possibilities could actually be damaging to gender-natural and transgender people alike.

The so-called party of nature, evolution, and natural selection is beside itself over what should be settled science for the Left. Which tells us more about them than it does us. Science and nature, like people and policy, are just tools to be manipulated to advance the only “reality” that truly interests them. A Utopia where human nature is washed away thanks to the perfection of the all-powerful government (run by worse people) than those bigots who took the survey.

In the end, they don’t love you either. They only love what you can do to help them accumulate power.

| The Federalist