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Trump Declassifies Documents Democrats Would Rather Remain Redacted

Adam Schiff

If you have not followed the Democrats Redaction-declassification bouncing ball, we’re here to help. First, redactions were bad and then they were good. Post Mueller, Redactions were bad and now that Trump has authorized declassification of some documents redactions are good again.

Good that they remain redacted.

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There is no single explanation for this change except that Democrats thought it might be good for them until someone decided it would be bad.

Transparency has nothing to do with it nor does protect assets, methods, or sworn testimony secured under federal law. None of that applies. Every action or reaction from the left has been predicated on simple math from simple minds.

Will it make Trump look bad, or will it make Democrats look bad? The truth was never a feature in the calculation. Perception and optics are all that matter to Democrats.

So, Mr. Trump’s recent declassification of documents that will allow AG William Barr to investigate the origins of Crossfire Hurricane have the Left upset.

Weaponize law enforcement…that’s interesting. Mr. Obama’s administration is accused of doing that to Trump. We can disagree on whether this is what Trump is plotting (I don’t think it is at all) but what we can’t disagree on is this. Mr. Obama was busted earlier in his administration for spying on everyone. Allies. Members of the adoring Press. Regular Americans.

Obama weaponized the IRS against political opponents and citizens. He released private donor lists to Progressive activists to things his party opposes so they could intimidate them and others. Obama used the government to raid private business owners and seize property to send a political message. He even allowed weapons straw purchases to be to moved illegally to Mexico in advance of a Democrat congressional push to use the discovery of those weapons at crime scenes as a catalyst for demanding national gun control legislation.

Whatever your opinion of Mr. Trump, he has done none of those things. Not even one of them. So recent comparative history tells us two things. Democrats are dirty and will use force to punish enemies. Unredacting anything related to what they’ve been up to will probably expose more of the same.

And that something, in this case, will most likely be – to quote Mr. Schiiff – a conspiracy to weaponize the government against their political enemies.

Note: an earlier version of this post said redacted when it should have said unredacted.


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