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The US is Plagued with Pharmacological Intervention

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by Michael Layon |  

I work in drug development and am a pharmacologist. That SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) might benefit a very small number of humans is lost among many people in both parties because the perception is that they are drugs to make mentally ill people better. For a very few people that might be true.

Opiates help people in pain. I hope no one reading this ever experience. Yet that entire class of drugs is demonized-to the point that (then NH State Senator) Andy Sanborn tried to make entirely unlawful a long-acting form of hydrocodone, despite the drug being exclusively for patients who could not physically tolerate the more potent and infamous oxycodone.

Rest assured your tax dollars are being used to disarm you through “gun violence research,” but never will the impact of SSRIs and other personality modifying drugs be objectively evaluated.

Without SSRIs and other such drugs pumped into children, the sh**holes some call public schools would not be able to keep children in their seats to collect more of your tax monies.

The US is Plagued with pharmacological intervention for disease and nondisease alike.

Pregnancy? It ain’t normal in the US. It’s considered and handled as an illness. Drugs galore are available from conception to postpartum, many with no demonstrable benefit to mother or child and often with potential to harm the child.

Obesity? The condition that is quickly usurping tobacco as the leading cause of morbidity and mortality is handled most often by pharmacologic intervention rather than through diet and exercise. (Includes related conditions of hypertension, elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, pre-diabetes, etc).

In a county where killing children is considered a right by the Left we should not be surprised that they consider dispensing drugs that modify personalities and behavior to be a good thing.

And for laughs one can now order high capacity magazines of SSRIs via mail.


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