Rethink JROTC? How About We Rethink the Path to Violence in The Democrat Party? - Granite Grok

Rethink JROTC? How About We Rethink the Path to Violence in The Democrat Party?

William Thomas of Auburn (in the Union Leader) is running narrative backup for Plymouth State Prof. Leo Sandy. Sandy compared JROTC students to Hitler Youth. Thomas is painting a similar picture of JROTC as militarization and a path to violence.

Thomas fingers the proficiency of Nikolas Cruz (Parkland) at JROTC as a path to violence but ignores every failure that the Left promises government will provide to protect us. The school, the sheriff, the FBI, even Federal pressure politics made it difficult or impossible to secure this mentally unstable individual before he killed despite all the signs and ample opportunity.

There’s ample blame for failing to identify Cruz as a risk and getting him off the street and into therapy before his rampage. Almost all of it in the hands of Democrats or the left’s disarmament, “we’ll protect you” culture.

Speaking of Democrats, Omar Mateen (killed 49 people and wounded 53 ), a registered Democrat, shot up a gay nightclub in the name of Allah. Does this suggest that we should put an end to Muslims and Democrats (or just Muslim Democrats) for their statistical risk of violence?

Remember the YouTube HQ ShooterA female Iranian immigrant (refugee), vegan, animal-rights activist named Nasim Aghdam shot three people without any JROTC training or any affiliation to the Pentagon or the NRA before she killed herself.

Floyd Corkins was prepared to shoot up the offices of the Family Rights Council on the word of the Southern Poverty Law Center. He was a leftist and staunch supporter of LGBTQ rights.

The San Bernardino massacre ended with 14 dead and 22 wounded during an attack on a holiday party by more Muslim extremists.

Joe Stack, who flew his small plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas was a self-admitted communist, the ultimate goal of Democrat-Socialism.

Amy Bishop shot and killed three colleagues at a faculty meeting at the University of Alabama. She’s a lifelong Democrat and Obama donor.

The 2010 Times Square car bomber, Faisal Shahzad, was another Islamic extremist.

The 2013 Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis was an Obama supporting, Bush-bashing Liberal.

We’ve got Black Lives Matter cop killers, and Illegal immigrants murdering citizens. The Democrat party loves, embraces and defends every one of those political identities.

As if that were not enough, cities run by Democrats, who collectively spend billions if not trillions of tax dollars, are the murder capitals of the country. Countless lives lost. Black lives. Latino lives. Immigrant lives. When do we begin the conversation about how Democrat party rhetoric and policy (their very culture) result in an endless cycle of violence and death on a massive scale?

If we want to have a conversation about paths to violence should we ban Democrats, cities, Muslims, Gay rights, the SPLC, airplanes, refugees, animal rights activists, Immigrants, and college faculty?

And how many of them fit your militant NRA supporting template? None? Close to none.

Were any of these killers in the JROTC?

Is this cherry picking? It is. There are millions of people in all of these groups who would never pick up a weapon or shoot someone. But if we’re serious about intervening in legitimate paths to violence, the most productive place to start would be by banning the Democrat party.