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A “Shooting” You Won’t Hear Much About From The Main Stream Media

youtube-logo-full_colorSomeone shot three people on the YouTube Corporate Campus this past week, and you should not be surprised if you knew nothing about it.

The perp is (or was) a female Iranian immigrant (refugee) vegan, animal-rights activist angered by being under-monetized, demonetized, and just plain-old marginalized by the video “sharing” behemoth.

Her name is Nasim Aghdam.

What kind of name is that for a psychologically disturbed white-loner NRA gun-nut? Well, Miss Aghdam turns out to be a Persian vegan who came to the US as a refugee in 1996. She made the first vegan Farsi music video. Is that as big a breakthrough as it sounds? Well, if you haven’t already seen it, you’ll never know: her entire social-media presence has been vaporized, in part because a mass shooter who’s female, vegan, immigrant, refugee, Iranian and Ba’hai is not helpful to the narrative – which is why CNN, MSNBC and the rest have done to this news story what YouTube did to her vegan video.

Mark Steyn adds a great deal more for you to consider, not the least of which is that “hate speech” itself (in the liberal labeled sense as best we might understand it) is far less dangerous to the general public when left to its own devices than banning it.

The San Bruno attack also underlines a point I’ve been making for over a decade, ever since my troubles with Canada’s “human rights” commissions: “Hate speech” doesn’t lead to violence so much as restraints on so-called “hate speech” do – because, when you tell someone you can’t say that, there’s nothing left for him to do but open fire or plant his bomb. Restricting speech – or even being perceived to be restricting speech – incentivizes violence as the only alternative. As you’ll notice in YouTube comments, I’m often derided as a pansy fag loser by the likes of ShitlordWarrior473 for sitting around talking about immigration policy as opposed to getting out in the street and taking direct action. In a culture ever more inimical to freedom of expression, there’ll be more of that: The less you’re permitted to say, the more violence there will be.

Ignoring people can have that effect and thanks to the internet more people are being ignored than at any point in history. And not just for those white loner NRA types, not that you’d know it. The Persian Vegan Animal rights activist with the under-monetized YouTube channel isn’t any of those things. Neither are the thousands of alleged gunman in the thousands of murders that occur in Democrat-run urban wastelands. Most of them are people of color who’ve never donated to the NRA because the NRA defends lawful gun ownership, not gangland criminal enterprises.

But I bet the gangs and their drive-bys are shooting up the hoods because someone didn’t listen and they want to send a message.

As long as they are not conservatives (regardless of sex, gender, or color) or at least one still relatively unknown Persian vegan animal rights refugees from Iran, perhaps they could try using YouTube instead?

And no, that shouldn’t entitle you to a right to self-defense, in case you were wondering.