Left-Coast Utopian Paradise Fail – California Rated Lowest Quality of Life in America


Democrats ruin everything they touch. They can’t help it. These people actually believe that government can do a better job at anything. 

They actually believe that if you give the government enough money it can alter solar and planetary dynamics. No, it’s not cheap. It’s also impossible. But then, so is a government derived utopia.

But anyone who thinks they can fix the planet ought to have some mighty impressive powers. “Quality of life” should be a snap. Domestic tranquility, general welfare, and all of that. As it turns out, the farther left you go, the more you spend on government, and bureaucrats, the further you get from quality where everything is concerned including life.

It has so escaped the California bureaucrats and their bloated budget that this poster-child for the left’s utopia is now dead last for Quality of life.

Greg Gutfeld explains why.