Beto’s Threat Risk Declines the Longer He Runs for President

Once proclaimed as the future of the Democrat Party the national stage has not been kind to Robert O’Rourke. Let me rephrase that. Robert O’Rourke was one potential future for the Democrat party. The one that live-streams their haircut.

Yes, RPO, the wonder kid who almost, sort of, kind of nearly beat Ted Cruz for a Senate seat in Texas has reduced himself to this.

Beto was a phenomenon (more like a flash in the pan). But thanks to insiders or campaign folks or greedy donors looking for a fast track to the White House, Beto may no longer be “employable” in politics.

There may be no future for a Presidential candidate who gets 488 people to watch a live stream of their haircut. Or for the people who watched unless it was to mock him.

The Once with No Future King

His run for the Oval Office has devolved into a lampshade hat at a bad party. Only drunk people are laughing. Everyone else is looking at their Apple Watch saying will you look at the time?

Which leads me back to my point. Beto’s either got terrible personal judgment (himself, his campaign people) or he’s one of those people who thinks every little thing he does is magic, …

The competition for least self-aware Democrat is a stiff one, to be sure, but it appears that Beto O’Rourke is quickly emerging as the frontrunner. Evidently the merciless mockery he experienced when he Instagrammed his dental appointment didn’t make him feel enough shame…”

…which would truly make him the Vanilla Obama. Young ‘dynamic’ Democrat but without the black-guy thing. Just Vanilla. And a hair cut.

And he’s the anti-black guy thing. Descended from our European oppressors. And while he might be able to pull off the Latino sounding nickname in Texas, that doesn’t work anywhere much north of that if it isn’t a liberal city with liberal problems that Beto would simply share with the rest of the nation.

One of which, apparently, is the ‘Presidential Candidate Haircut.’

Stay tuned. The rising star has fallen far but he’s going to need another haircut in a few weeks. Maybe he’ll do something dynamic and get it cut and colored.

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