An open Letter to the Brentwood News, Eric Turer, and NH State Representative Liz McConnell (Democrat - Brentwood) - Granite Grok

An open Letter to the Brentwood News, Eric Turer, and NH State Representative Liz McConnell (Democrat – Brentwood)

Dear sirs,

I am in receipt of the GraniteGrok post penned by Kimberly Morin concerning the kerfuffle over the materials that the Brentwood News used that was put up here at GraniteGrok (here).

During the meeting, Turer even attempted to claim that there may be an issue of plagiarism from, of all places, GraniteGrok, because he tried to claim what the Brentwood Newsletter printed came from here (it didn’t. You can see what Skip wrote here).

As to the Brentwood News: consider this a carte blanche permission for you to use any of our information in the pursuit of truth and knowledge as you did by putting up how Brentwood’s NH State Representatives voted.  I own GraniteGrok so I have the authority to issue such a privilege – consider it done! May your readers have many jolly smiles!

As to Eric Turer (Treasurer for the Liz McConnell for State Rep campaign, from what I understand): I urge you to study up on First Amendment issues and stop bowdlerizing its text for an immature and self-righteous political agenda (i.e., protecting the guilty).  And thank you for showing your intentions towards a Free Press in this matter (i.e., Government control and censorship when the facts run contrary to facts on the ground).  And stop being pedantic when you have no actual knowledge of how our foundational Law actually works.  Which in this case, I can say “Up Yours” and there’s nothing you can do about it.  So can the Brentwood News and I would urge them to tell you the same thing when you try to censor them again (because of who you are, I’m quite sure you’ll try again – that’s that totalitarian-minded people do, IMHO, is to shut down the Free Speech of your opposition).  Once again, if you missed it, “Up Yours!”.

As to NH State Rep Liz McConnell: we’re now going to post up this information every time possible.  If the Brentwood News doesn’t print it, be sure that we will. Because of Eric Turer and your attempt at censorship. See – you have brought us upon you.  As I said at a meeting this morning to a large audience “Never go full Kimberly Morin” – but we will.  I can say with supreme confidence that you will hate it – and we will giggle at exposing each and every vote to show you how Progressive Democrats don’t trust Citizens to do and act the right way.  How dare I say this?

Because each and every bill you have voted for or affixed your name to has reduced their Freedom and the choices they could have before you became their Rep.  On the fiscal bills, you have also reduced their standard of living by raising taxes that will be paid, in part, by them.  This is also quite the height of hypocrisy on your part. Why?

You’ve moved from “representing” to “ruling” with the decisions you have made (and on the anti-gun bills, no matter what the actual bill name is), have gone and lumped each and every law-abiding Citizen in with those that don’t care about the Law at all.  Nice – you’ve helped to turn the American sense of Jurisprudence from “Innocent until proven Guilty” to “You’re all Guilty according to me and I don’t care what you think – all gun owners are criminals already, or at best, in the making. We can’t trust you”.

Methinks that the Brentwood electorate ought to be paying much more attention to your words, your actions, and your votes that show that you’re not the “moderate” you made yourself to be. After all, there is no such thing as a “moderate Progressive” – there is only socialism tucked in behind that mask that says “You will do what we in Government tell you to do”.

I don’t think that the Brentwood voters ought to be trusting you.  We’ll help them in this endeavor.

After all, only Democrats seem to be in favor of Government censoring the speech of others.