Who ever thought that MSNBC would make the case for the Second Amendment?

And I’m betting that, at the time, the uber-Progressive Democrats with by-lines would be confirming what we Conservatives have been saying for decades – that the Second Amendment was written certainly not for hunting and not just self-defense but in the time when a government becomes tyrannical and totalitarian:

And never, EVAH believe the Left when they scoff at that and say “it can never happen here”.  The “arc of history” proves otherwise and our Founders studied, understood, and enacted on that tendency. And now we  are seeing the consequence of a totalitarian / tyrannical government in Venezueala doing to its subjects that cannot fight back like Tom posted about here.

What is astonishing that it is MSNBC that is outlining the argument that is 180 degrees counter to “The Narrative” of “all guns bad – except owned by our Govt”.

“If the military has the guns, they own the power and as long as Maduro controls the military, he controls the country”.

Which means that the citizens no longer “own the government”.  This is a dictatorial form of government – exactly what the Founders feared might happen when citizens could not defend themselves against a government that has turned again them.

When a large swath of people feel put up and marginalized by their government, when their values seem set upon at every turn, when those in power dismiss their status and compare them unfavorably to either current or former “enemies of the State” (e.g., dangerous people, Nazis, Facists) for no reason at all except to stifle their speech, why would anyone be surprised when they rebel?  After all, if you read our Declaration of Independence, our Founding Fathers certainly had reasons. When choice is removed from one’s life (being the quantification of Freedom) by Government, we are yet that one legislative slice closer to tyranny – especially true when we are told “it is for your best interest” or “for the common good”.  You can be sure that neither is true and pursuit of Power is the end game.

It is what they want and why they do it.

You know, it is going to fun watching the gun grabbers deal with this – and given that most of them are closer to Socialism than not – figuring out that their backing of both Socialism and anti-Second Amendment is allowing that Socialist Government’s armored trucks to run over its subjects with no recriminations or consequences.

(H/T: Free Beacon)