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What have you got in your wallet?

Time for a progress review

We are living with Democrat majorities here in New Hampshire’s House, Senate and Executive Council as well as in the House of Representatives in the District of Columbia. Let’s take this opportunity to examine what the people have got to show for the most recent election. Here in New Hampshire we know the Democrat majority has absolutely no agenda of its own. All it has done is focus its entire energy on destruction of a successful economic strategy set in place under Republican majority. In Washington the Democratic majority has chosen the path of partisanship, rather than problem-solving.

Regardless of the issue, from sanctuary to the border, from taxation to impeachment, it has been an exercise rancorous, vengeful spite. The action of the bodies has nothing to do with what is best for the people. It is all about partisan political posturing. There is no way forward if all focus is on tearing down what came before. We deserve so much better.

What’s in a budget?

The latest example in D.C is the House Democrats’ failure to even propose a budget. That is a core responsibility of congress. To quote Nancy Pelosi: “Show me your budget, show me your values.” Well Nancy, we take you at your word. It certainly appears your party’s values are showing. You have none unless partisanship and posturing count.

House Democrats have kicked basic budget-writing to the curb. That does not mean they have been shy about offering a list of big-spending proposals with no way to pay for them. They have not met their responsibility. It’s not like there aren’t important matters to be addressed. Today Social Security for example is spending more than it is taking in annually. Adding to the urgency of the situation Boomers are retiring and are drawing increasing amounts from the system. Is that on any Democrat’s priority list? Nope.

Instead, at the top of the list is the Green New Deal. One estimate pegs its cost at a whopping $92 trillion. Between eliminating air travel and altering every building in the United States, the Green New Deal is an entirely unworkable proposal that dictates more taxation, regulation, and government control. Even the AFL-CIO criticized the plan, highlighting the crushing impact it would have on the economy and working families.

Running second on the Democrat list of political talking points is the so-called “Medicare for All” plan. This is another budget-buster. The price tag: $32 trillion. It would create a single-payer system, stripping health care away from nearly 180 million Americans who have coverage through private employer-sponsored plans. Under this government-run system, patients would lose their current plan and be faced with fewer choices and higher costs. Leaders of the Energy and Commerce Committee, which also has jurisdiction over health care policy, have likewise refused to hold a hearing on this big-ticket item.

On the principle of the right to life, the Democrats have taken extremism to a whole new level. Recent polling shows that 77% of Americans support legislation to ensure babies who survive an attempted abortion receive the same medical care under the law as any other newborn. The Democratic majority, on 32 separate occasions, has blocked the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act which would prevent infanticide and safeguard these babies from receiving an up-or-down vote.

At every turn, the recurring Democrat theme has been embracing a socialist agenda. Socialism takes power from the people and centralizes it. Thankfully, Americans have a better alternative.

Consider this:

The economy is thriving. Job creators are optimistic. That is thanks to the pro-growth tax and regulatory policies. President Trump and Republicans are responsible for unemployment which remains below 4% nationally and 2% in New Hampshire. Wages are climbing for the first time in nearly a decade.

There are more than 7 million job openings, the labor market is strong. We have more jobs that we have people to fill them. That is good problem that we have. It’s no accident the time-proven principles of economic freedom are leading to greater opportunity. It is a good time for hardworking taxpayers.

It’s no accident that the Democrats are threatening these economic gains with more taxation, more regulation and greater government control. It is with great rancor and partisanship that Democratic leadership carries forward their banner. Their loudest advocates are anti-Semitic, anti-freedom, anti-personal property. Are you sensing a trend here?


The Democrats advocate taking your money with more taxes and giving you in return promises of free stuff. If they had their way they would add $12 trillion per year to your tax burden nationally…. for the free stuff. Last year the federal government took in a little over $3 trillion in taxes. The Democrat proposals would force taxes to go up to a level five times what they are today. Here in New Hampshire their budget reaches into your pocket for 16.8% more taxes. What have you got in your wallet?

Daily Signal, Tim Wahlberg, 4/15/19