Well, I guess we've joined a good club: Twitter has locked the GraniteGrok account - Granite Grok

Well, I guess we’ve joined a good club: Twitter has locked the GraniteGrok account

(the female’s voice on most GPS units): “You have arrived!“. Yes, we have.

Yep, that PC gaggle of speech totalitarians decided that we’ve broken some kind of rule.  Frankly, I could care less – it seems every day a few dozen hundreds of Conservatives and Conservative sites get their Twitter accounts yanked so we’re in good company.  All it really means is that they’re no better than the run of the mill college campus where the holier than thou club have done, yet again, in silencing those they judge to be beneath them (e.d., we Deplorables).  Sorry Twitter for not living up to and toeing your Progressive line.

And, truth be told, our Twitter account has been on auto-pilot for years via our Facebook posts.  I haven’t tweeted anything myself in a few years so it isn’t much of a loss for me but it will be interesting to find out what it was that jerked them around in a such a “exploding head” / whirling dervish fit. Look, it is a private company and they can do what they want.  Good for them as we won’t give them any more free content to a Marxist entity and we can now act like Groucho Marx (“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”)

It’s actually rather amusing – go follow us at our Gab account – Gab, who really do believe in what the First Amendment says and means regardless of those that violate the Progressive PC thought police say about it.

I do wonder what it was that “triggered” the trigger-pullers there – which means I gotta go waste time in finding that scrap of paper that has the right credentials…