Wait, wait....the Left is complaining about....what? - Granite Grok

Wait, wait….the Left is complaining about….what?

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CHASER: Isn’t This What The Left Have Wanted?

Hi, Dr. Chu and Senator/Secretary Salazar!

Let’s start with his Secretary of Energy, Dr Steven Chu. From our friends at the National Taxpayers Union: Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” Here is the original WSJ source. Chu has also been quoted saying, “Coal is my worst nightmare.” For Department of the Interior, Obama selected Senator Ken Salazar, D-Colo. Back when gas was four dollars per gallon, it was Salazar on the Senate floor who would be perfectly okay with $10 per gallon gas.

Granted, Salazar’s complacency with $10 per gallon gas was in objection to drilling in the United States, calling it a phantom solution.

Ayup, that’s the Left and the environmentalists all rolled into one.  I have seen multiple occasions when much higher gas prices (as well as food) are both wished for and demanded that poor people have to pay even more for their energy and their food.  They’re happy to save the world – the downtrodden and “unlucky” are just collateral damage, laid upon the altar of GAIA as living sacrifices (pretty much like the Mayans were wont to do – tearing out of hearts optional….by the enviros, at times).

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