Unplanned Sensitivity Training: Make Google Employees Watch an Ultrasound Guided Abortion

Unplanned Propaganda

Google prides itself on making sure you get accurate results when you search. Or, maybe just the results they want you to believe are accurate. We’ve seen plenty of those stories. But did you know Google decided the genre for the Unplanned Movie was “propaganda”?

The movie itself is the story of an actual person. A rising Planned Parenthood (PP) superstar who, upon witnessing an ultra-sound assisted abortion leaves PP and becomes an advocate for life. It’s not even a made-up story. But Google tagged the Drama as “propaganda.”

Google is blaming an algorithm.

Well, I’m willing to believe that they have one for that. And while Google claims to have corrected the “error” I think that certain individuals in the hierarchy need should be forced to participate in sensitivity training.

Google employees, management in particular, responsible for that screwup should be required to observe an ultrasound-guided abortion.

There are clearly far too many people capable of witnessing such a thing and moving on with their lives unaffected, but who thinks a room full of Google-Geeks will still believe Abby Johnson’s story is propaganda after that?


| EpochTimes