The Myth That the Socialist Budget Provides “Property Tax Relief”


What a bunch of bull.

First of all, absent a real statewide municipal spending cap -which is long overdue as “local control” has become a punch line- there is nothing stopping the municipality from treating the “revenue sharing” as “free money” and spending it on top of whatever they would have spent without the “revenue sharing.” Dangle a dollar in front of a politician and do you really think he or she won’t almost immediately find a pressing, urgent “unmet need” to spend it on?

Second, it is an insult to the intelligence of the people of New Hampshire to call this relatively measly sum “relief.” The Socialist budget proposes $417 million in new taxes and fees.The so-called “property tax relief” is not even THREE PERCENT of the new taxes and fees. In terms of total spending? .3 percent. That’s .003.

If all the “property tax relief” went to Manchester, it would not even amount to 2% of what the City spends over a two-year period (which is the valid comparison because the $12.5 million is for a two-year period.)

It is a JOKE to call this “property tax relief.” It is an insult to the people of New Hampshire. It is, in a couple of words, total bull***t.