So What Did We Learn in This Thursday’s House Session (April 4, 2019) - Granite Grok

So What Did We Learn in This Thursday’s House Session (April 4, 2019)


We learned that the House Majority Party (Democrats) still believe that Gun Free Zones are effective in stopping gun violence in schools despite all of the evidence that shows that it does not do anything but leave kids and teachers vulnerable and instill a false sense of security (HB564).

We also learned that the House Majority Party has zero concern for the Constitutional Rights of so-called “vulnerable adults”, or anyone else’s for that matter, and are more than willing to ignore due process, allow ex parte hearings and government confiscation of firearms (HB696-FN). But seriously, this is nothing new for them. Relying on posted signs and policies banning guns and trampling on people’s rights has become their “Go To” policies to show that they are “Doing Something”, even if it is ineffective, un-Constitutional and just plain bad legislation.

We learned that the House Majority Party just cannot satiate their thirst for raising fines and fees. Everything from raising fines for OHRV violations (HB630-FN) in the North Country to raiding the pockets of tourists and local folks in NH, with higher room occupancy fees (HB641-LOCAL). I am surprised they haven’t suggested an “Exit Tax” for people who have finished their vacation in NH and are ready to go home. But wait, there’s more! For just $85 you can have a Vegas style wedding officiated by any friend or family member or person off the street that can fog a mirror (HB295-FN-A) and $80 of that fee will help fund domestic violence programs even though married couples are not normally the ones beating up on one another. Go figure.

We learned that the House Majority Party skewered Body Art Establishments and rubbed Massage Therapists the wrong way by voting for new licensure and new fees for their businesses (HB120-FN), which no doubt will end up raising the rates for the NH citizens who will actually need their services after the stress they will endure from $300 million in new taxes included in the current Democrat budget proposal (HB1 and HB2) .

We learned that while the House Majority Party will quibble over $48,000 and subsequently kill the bill creating a Right To Know Commission and Ombudsman position (HB729-FN-A) they will then turn around and blow over $200,000 on changes to the job classification in the State Prison Retirement System (HB116-FN) and additionally pile onto our State and Local School and Municipality Budgets millions of dollars in downshifted costs, aka unfunded mandates, by instituting a Cost Of Living Adjustment increase for retirees (HB616-FN).

Perhaps the upcoming budget train wreck won’t seem as bad after we’ve fired up a joint and indulged in some “special” brownies since the Cannabis Legalization Bill passed, along with a new tax and expanded government bureaucracy (HB481-FN-A-LOCAL).

We learned that through all the runaway taxing and spending we had time to chuckle with Rep. Jess Edwards serenading us with “Stop in the Name of Love” as he spoke about the Marriage Officiant Bill (HB295-FN-A).

Finally, the absolute funniest phrase of the day, and perhaps the session, happened with this exchange after remarks regarding Cannabis Legalization:
Speaker: “Will the member take a question”
Alan Bershtein (speaking from The Well on the right side of the Speaker podium where Democrats normally offer their remarks and normally DO NOT take questions): “I didn’t know that was permitted from this microphone.”

Tune in with more to come next time on Budget Crossover Day, April 11.