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My Report from the Epping School Board meeting: Civility, Respect, and Free Speech

trump student Ciretta MacKenzie

The mother of the girl who was told to cover up her Trump T-shirt started the meeting with a statement.  She had composure and, set the stage for a civil discussion on what happened. I wish every parent took the opportunity to address their school board in the same way when problems arise.

After that, the Superintendent spoke.

Then it was opened up to Epping residents to speak. The parents/residents did a fantastic job of explaining what they’d like to see done in their district. Several talked about their admiration and respect for the Principal even though he made a wrong decision. As an outsider, I hope reason and logic are what guides their decision on how to handle him.

One interesting thing to note was, a few people commented on how administrators/school board members have NOT been listening to parents in the past.

Then non-residents were able to speak. I suggested a good look at what is being taught and NOT being taught in the school in terms of Civics Ed. If the Principal doesn’t understand The Bill of Rights, are the kids getting the quality they need?

The bottom line is, this meeting was calm, respectful, intelligent and a great example of how a town meeting should look. YES, Paul Sepe the ones who showed up and mentioned their support for Trump with Trump gear on, did a fantastic job supporting the Epping student. I was THRILLED that they came out because they took that opportunity to help a student who was trying to stand with her President. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, I THANK the Trump supporters for showing up. For taking their time to defend the student and the U.S. Constitution eloquently. I didn’t have enough battery on my phone to capture all of the speakers, but if this school board does not move to make sure they are not forcing ed fads/political views on students and take the opportunity to teach/understand INDIVIDUAL rights, then I hope everyone will go back and demand it again.

Editor’s Note: We have more video testimony from the meeting and YouTube shareable versions of these and other speakers forthcoming.