Left-Wing Loon of the Week: Sherry Frost (D-Dover) - Granite Grok

Left-Wing Loon of the Week: Sherry Frost (D-Dover)

This week’s Left-wing Loon of the Week is Representative Sherry Frost, Democrat, Strafford – District 16.

By now, you’re probably very familiar with the lunacy of Sherry Frost. All you ever have to do is take a look at her Twitter feed to know the woman is certifiable, yet “she persists.”

Frost probably should have gotten Loon of the Week for her petty donation scheme to donate money to organizations that spend money to elect Democrats over the phrase “Taxation is Theft” but it is something else that caught my attention and why she is this week’s biggest “Left-Wing Loon of the Week.”

Frost is a hoplophobe and a hardcore gun control addict. Her unnatural fear of firearms causes her to say some really stupid things and this one is par for the course:

Of course, I decided to look into the news story because Frost is too ignorant to ever do the same and of course, the story was about possible gang bangers shooting at each other. Of course these people aren’t responsible gun owners, they probably don’t even own legal firearms. From The Buffalo News:

Police are not commenting on whether the shooting was gang-related, but Towne Gardens Plaza is next door to the Towne Gardens housing complex that federal prosecutors believe served as a base of operations for the CBL/BFL street gang.

The FBI arrested 11 alleged gang members last August and charged one of them with two murders.

“We don’t know that for a fact,” Rinaldo said of possible gang involvement Sunday. “At this point, we’re still in the very early stages of our investigation.”

Frost puts all gun owners in the same categories – gang bangers or psychopathic murderers. There’s no flexibility there for her. She hates firearms so much that the millions of gun owners who didn’t harm anyone with their firearm are still considered the same which is why she loves gun control laws. She doesn’t even care that citizens use firearms in self-defense every year. She just hates firearms.

Because Frost isn’t reasonable and can’t think logically, she doesn’t understand that gun control laws only harm law-abiding citizens. There are thousands of gun control laws already on the books across the country but that’s not enough for her.

She’s a lawmaker who doesn’t know existing laws nor does she understand how existing laws work.

This tweet from Frost was absolutely priceless given the above tweets:

Apparently Frost doesn’t understand the concept of our fundamental human right to self-defense. Nor does she understand that the 2nd Amendment PROTECTS our right TO practice our fundamental human right to self-defense. She just can’t understand normal thinking.

Frost also doesn’t grasp that the gun control laws Bloomberg Democrats like her are pushing will do NOTHING to stop criminals but will actually HARM law-abiding Granite Staters. In fact, the gun control laws these loons are passing will make it EASIER for criminals to seek OUT their prey.

I’ll leave you with one of the funniest tweets I’ve seen from her that she tweeted last week. I literally burst out laughing when I saw this one:

A key component to left-wing lunacy is a complete lack of self-awareness.