Is Mental Health an Issue for Democrats? State Senator Jon Morgan’s Mental Health Is!

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I think we can all agree that Mental Health is an issue for Democrats. They’d like you to believe they are the party of Mental Health. Again, I’m not inclined to disagree. But if we’re talking about actually helping others with mental health issues, that’s not on the menu.

And never has been. We’ve posted stories going back years where the left squawks about mental health and waiting lists. But the moment they have the power they block funding efforts by Republicans.

The year 2019 is no different. In the wake of years of banter about the issue, Republicans in the State Senate tried to include construction of the Secure Psychiatric Hospital into HB534. Funding for a state project in a bill that addresses major state projects.

Senator Jon Morgan (D-Brentwood) got snippy!

He called it “garbage” and threw a fit on the Senate floor. Watch below and share so the voters of Senate District 23 know who is representing them in Concord.

Remember that all this political “theater” (accusing Republicans of same) is to cover his objection to the amendment to fund the Secure Psychiatric Unit. To spend money. Why would a Democrat object to either? Maybe they don’t really care about Mental health? Or, at least Jon Morgan doesn’t.