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Remembering Democrat Rule In New Hampshire – Part 1

New Hampshire Democrats treated your money like toilet paperIn the 2006 Elections Democrats took control of the New Hampshire House for the first time in 95 years (giving them complete control of State government for what would end up being four years).  What happened after that must not be forgotten, for it is the doom of men that they forget.

They forget that the House Democrats first move was to turn budget policy on its head.  Instead of estimating realistic revenues so that the governor could have a guideline for his budget, they would let the governor request a 14% expansion of state government in February of 2007, to which they would pad or add their spending spree agenda items before figuring out how to tax New Hampshire citizens to pay for their wish list.

In the now infamous shout heard round the State House, Democrat House leader Dan Eaton would later condense the entire four year budget strategy of the New Hampshire left into one sentence.

 ‘It makes sense to know how much you’re spending before you decide how much money to raise.’

Now that might just make sense for a school trip or new band uniforms but this wasn’t a fundraiser.  Eaton was talking about using the force of law and the power of the state to extract juice from the fruits of other peoples labors based on the whimsy of big government legislators with little or no regard for its affect on the state, our economy, or the people who would be paying, and that was exactly how the Democrats would govern.

Spot the Hypocrisy?

The current Democrat narrative is one of a Republican Legislature with skewed priorities out to hurt the most vulnerable, an agenda to which they themselves could easily relate because in March of 2007 the new Democrat Majority, in the midst of their out of the gate 2007 spending spree, found time to preserve barns, buy a Mountain, and expand the bureaucracy, but voted down a floor amendment that would have fully funded and completely eliminated, the developmental disabilities waiting list during their first biennium.  In the same month the Democrat controlled Senate bulldozed SB 186, a bill to provide a property tax credit for senior citizens, down to study committee that was then killed in the Democrat controlled NH House.

So despite the New Hampshire Democrats complete control of state government and an unhealthy and unrealistic desire to spend (spend spend), instead of using that opportunity to live up to their rhetoric (to help some of the state’s most vulnerable) they kill bills to help those people and pass a bill that would allow the Democrat party to profit from the sale of the state’s voter list.

And this was just the beginning of tax and spend era of a Democrat party I would promptly dub Hypocrats.

The new Democrat majority had already raised the cigarette tax 35%, increased some annual vehicle registration fees by 20%, added a new ‘real estate tax’ that would screw new home buyers out of $40.00 per recorded page of deed mortgages, and decided that we needed a new $30.00 Scratch ticket without having held a single hearing; there was a luxury sale and use tax on the docket, a payroll tax, an inheritance tax. Taken along with their decision to calculate revenue after the Governor wrote a wish-list budget, the new era of spending and debt, only three months old, was just the beginning of a long and unpleasant four year journey down the toilet.  A journey we are going to walk you through right here, all summer long.

By the way… did you know that the Republican House recently passed 267-12, a measure to add money to the Rainy Day fund the Democrats had drained while also voting to send 1.5 Million to shorten the waiting list for New Hampshire citizens with developmental disabilities.  Yeah, the same waiting list of citizens the Democrats screwed back in 2007.