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Bill Gardner: Hey! Legislators! Leave Those Laws Alone!

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner

A little Pink Floyd the Wall vibe working here as Secretary of State Bill Gardner testified before a State Senate Committee. The short version is this. Leave the election laws alone.

Democrats are frantically working to unravel all the protections we scrabbled for in previous sessions. Some semblance of accountability regarding who can choose to spend our money, elect legislators who will write budgets (and in the case of Democrats) spend more of our money, regulate our every move, or decide on changes to New Hampshire’s constitution.

Prior to the passage of the laws the Democrats are out to overturn, anyone from anywhere could show up and do all the above. They still try but recent changes have brought a sliver of sanity back to the mix. The possibility of stopping the vote-stealing by out-of-staters. Democrats want to erase that.

They want to erase your voice. Mr. Gardner, a Democrat, has asked the Senate not to do that.

One [bill] would eliminate new steps in the voter registration process.

Another bill aims to make it easier for transient populations, like college students and members of the military, to vote here without running afoul of other state laws.

Not just that. Anyone from any state for any reason. People who have no obligation to live with or pay for the choices they deny you and me when allowed to vote here.

Gardner supported the bills that Democrats now hope to undo and told the Senate election law committee that revisiting them, and privileging any group, will sow dangerous division.

“If we go down that path, that we are going to start fracturing off, saying this group their circumstances are such that they don’t really need to do this.”

It creates a select group, as Ed Naile often reminds us, of voters with more rights than we have. The change would reaffirm the New Hampshire Democrat party’s commitment to giving out of state voters more rights than New Hampshire Residents.

Out-of-state students or anyone in the state could have voted absentee or in many cases in their own neighboring State. Or, they wait (in the case of absentee voting eligible non-residents) or drive here and vote in New Hampshire on the day of the election.

You can’t vote in their state. You can’t elect the budget writers. But Democrats want them to choose yours. Why? Because they are overwhelmingly Democrat constituencies.

 We thank Mr. Gardner for testifying against these efforts. We also know it won’t do any good. The Democrat lead State Senate will pass all of it. But like Mr. Gardner, that doesn’t mean we give up.

Hey, Democrats, Leave Those Laws Alone.