Over 130 Killed in Nigeria in One Attack - Mostly Christians. What do You Mean You Didn't Know? - Granite Grok

Over 130 Killed in Nigeria in One Attack – Mostly Christians. What do You Mean You Didn’t Know?

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Mass killing is as old as human beings. Reporting-bias is just as old. As is the lesson that bais teaches. Take New Zealand. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard about how many died. But they do not know that at least 130 people were killed in an attack in Nigeria a few weeks ago.

Isn’t 130 a much bigger number than 50? It is.

Why Didn’t You Know?

The attacks appear meant to wipe out certain communities. Primarily Christian. Places where some Muslims were living peaceably side-by-side. But not enough of them.

It’s just Christians, right? No wall coverage on American cable news. World Leaders didn’t crawl out of the woodwork to blame President Trump. Because that wouldn’t make any sense.

But three times as many people of color died in February, in Nigeria, mostly Christians. Not by a white Communist-loving progressive (labeled by the media and others as right-wing). African Muslims are mostly to blame for his cleansing (in one instance an entire village was razed). 

Maybe February is too far back? Ancient history? Okay. Another 81 Christians were killed, believed to be by the same groups, in the same country a few weeks later on March 10th and 11th, 2019. hat brings us to more than two-hundred dead. Over four times the death toll in New Zealand.

Radical, extremist murderers engaged in  mass killing. 

Pedro Gonzales, writing at American Greatness adds,

To be sure, the New Zealand shooting is an atrocity. But to claim, as (NYT reporter Patrick) Kingsley does, that it is indicative of some kind global spread of white extremism of concern to Americans must mean the lack of reporting on the worldwide massacre of Christians, mostly by Muslims, is a serious moral and ethical failure. Unless, of course, our concern is only reserved for particular forms of extremism.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The Left does not conform to the patterns of conduct it claims are acceptable: extremism is bad, but only when whites or Christians are behind the gun. Nor is the Left consistent with its purported principles of social ethics: all life is equally valuable, but some lives clearly are more equal than others. In other words, “Black Lives Matter” except in Nigeria where, apparently, they don’t.

Carry the Baggage or You’re Dead to the Left

The left’s indifference (and I mean the media and all the rest) demonstrates a point I often make. That identity politics is a sham. That your victim class status is only protected if you carry the Left’s political baggage. All of it.

In a March article titled, The Liberal Utopia: A Room Full of People Who Are Labeled Differently, But Required to Think the Same, I remind readers that intellectual diversity is a sin against Secular Statism.  The Liberal Utopia is “a room full of people who are labeled differently and may even look different but are required to think the same.”

Christians are not on the Left’s protected species list. Muslims have been slaughtering them in mind-boggling numbers. In 2018 as many as 90,00o Christain may have been killed, many more injured. One site links at least 500 of those to deliberate acts against them by Muslim terrorists – though many more are likely. Iraq once had significant Christian communities that have been cleansed by groups like ISIS and al Qaeda.

Now, let us revisit the recent reporting over the tragic shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand. What lesson does it teach?

I’m sure you already knew the answer, but perhaps not the scope of the bias. They doth protest for political purposes only. Not even Muslims killed by Muslims, people of color murdering each other, is worth a fraction of the attention.

They don’t care about you unless you can advance their agenda. Not one bit.

Image: American Greatness – Nigerian Village Razed.

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