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53%… How’s that possible?

What’s going on?

Do you ever feel like people who hold beliefs like yours are being assaulted for expressing their views? Whether it is support for the president, belief that more debt and deficits amounts to passing our problems to the next generation, open borders or frustration with an unelected, unaccountable fourth branch of government, we are portrayed as bigots. We aren’t towing the Leftist line. Well, what happened to doing what’s best for America and our future generations?

Maybe there is still room in this country for the principles and values the country was founded on. You know; life, liberty and property rights? How do I know that? It turns out that conservatism is actually thriving in America. The signs are all around. Think about what’s going on instead of what you hear from the media and on the internet.

The majority of likely voters currently approve of President Donald Trump. That means more people approve of what he has done since he was elected than voted for him, if the Leftist ranting is to be believed. He’s actually doing better than his predecessor at the same point in their respective presidencies. What’s more impressive is that he has gotten there even after years of almost completely negative media onslaught.

Why are we seeing this result?

It looks like many parts of the heartland are still Trump country. Why is that? Well, remember Trump’s “Contract with the American Voter”? It was the 28 item list of things he committed to do during his campaign. Look, like many others, I did not believe he would follow through on it. He was a lifelong Democrat campaigning as a Republican. To be polite my position was healthy skepticism. To date the President has done exactly what he put on his list. Pull it up and go through it for yourself. Don’t take my word for it.

People are doing things like starting “Go Fund Me” pages to support efforts to secure our southern border. Many Americans believe that a country without a border is no country at all. People are outraged that their legislatures and governors are passing laws to kill babies. To make things worse they are trying to justify infanticide in the name of a woman’s right to choose. Some of us are not quite ready to mail in our American citizenship and apply for citizenship in the One World Government. Maybe you are one of us.

Wednesday, Trump shared a video on his Twitter account showing how out of touch the naysayers in the media are. The one minute video was taken from the presidential motorcade. It captured people lined up along the streets of a town as Trump rolled through. There American flags, Trump banners, and personal signs voicing support for the president. Both sides of the street are lined as police escorted the commander-in-chief to his destination. What the video shows is that there’s far more grassroots support for the 45th president than the media would have you believe.

There is also a strong feeling that he did not get a fair shake in the campaign. His campaign was surveilled by the administration and the fourth branch of government. How is that different than what Nixon did in Watergate? What happened to Nixon’s henchmen? What has happened this time?


The people of America know the nation is in trouble. Trump has shown he does what he said he would do. He may not be what his opponents would call “nice” but he has shown he does do, what he says he will do, whether it is popular with the media or not. That’s a rare quality in a politician. It is called leadership.

The incumbent president has strong momentum heading into 2020. The media calls him Teflon Don: Nothing the Left throws at Trump seems to stick, and it’s not for their lack of trying. Even with their best efforts to push a collusion narrative to rally for impeachment the result is zero. Trump shows the ability to connect with everyday Americans. The president appears to understand the pulse of the country.