WDLNH ‘Hold the Line” Fifth Annual Gun Rally – Sid Spreadbury: A Moment of Silence for Patriots Passed

Sid Spreadbury

Here is that other somber moment that I spoke about earlier during the Women’s Defense League of NH’s Fifth Annual Gun Rally, Hold the Line!  The NH III%ers provided security for the attendees as well as the single Concord policeman and five State Police I saw on the sidewalk. They were (presumably) in front of the State House in Concord in case the Moms Demand Action to disarm us all, Everytown for Gun Confiscation Safety, or others decided to mount a counter-protest.

At the beginning of the Rally, Sid Spreadbury, of the NH III%ers, listed some names of Patriots that had passed since the last Rally. A heartfelt talk for the audience, and a moment of silence and contemplation for what they had stood for: