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WDLNH “Hold the Line” Fifth Annual Gun Rally – Safety Check

WDLNH Hold The Line Gun Rally Family Picture

You certainly wouldn’t hear these words at a Granite State Progress or Moms Demand Action rally – certainly not!  Even at the mention of the word, or a pencil drawing of said inanimate object, they’d quiver themselves into a heap like the Wicked Witch of the West (water not included or necessary).

They believe that anyone that would own a gun is simply out for blood. Is just waiting….wait for it….for a gun owner to get overly excited and act like them if the right trigger word (see what I did there!) is said.  They look at each and every gun owner as a murder-in-waiting.  Yet they are the ones that are ready to go postal in some way or manner.

Yes, I’m referring to a simple safety check of one’s arms.

Happens all the time at a range. Or where responsible gun handlers (which Shannon Watts, her “we’re gunning for your freedom” MDAers truly believe don’t exist) do this as a regular exercise.  It’s like breathing – it is just something you do. And this past Saturday at the Women’s Defense League of NH’s Fifth Annual Gun Rally it was no different.

A safety check

Here, Tom Flaherty of the NH III%ers (who provided security for the rally) is doing a safety ask of the assembled crowd. Quick, short, and to the point.

I will admit, even though far MORE people were in attendance this year, I saw far fewer long guns than I have in the past.  Fewer open carriers as well.  This shows that folks like Shannon Watts, paid-for harpy of Michael Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action and Zandra Rice-Hawkins, paid harpy of Granite State Progress have lied, over and over again, when they said that NH should never have passed Constitutional Carry where the only “permit” is the US Constitution. One could have said, “why the need for a check?”

Again, it is what we do. We are not the terrorists or the gang bangers we are made out to be; this is what responsible people do. It is just being polite, being in control of oneself, and displaying a level of self-governance the Democrats and anti-Constitutionalists (but I repeat myself) are and do.

But it does beg the question, doesn’t it, as they do try to stigmatize us all: OK, Watts and Rice-Crispies, where are the rivers of blood flowing from the maniacal and deranged monsters carrying guns?  Where is the spike of mayhem, of murder, and general chaos from Gov. Sununu and Republicans returning us to the days when the Constitution (both NH and US) were the supreme law of the land?

Where is your proof that layer upon layer, slice after slice, of freedom infringing gun bills are needed?  Here in NH, none.

But then again, you’re for the repeal of the death penalty for actual murderers, aren’t you.  Which shows that this gun confiscation is nothing but a front for Power Grabbing (which can’t happen until all the guns have been grabbed or made useless first).

You see, Progressive Democrats and Socialists don’t trust you with a gun. Or for that matter, pretty much any other decisions you yourself can currently make.  After all, just look at the Green New Deal – they want your energy taken from you, your cars, and your hamburgers, too.  They want to tell you where to live, how to live – and have no problem in either bankrupting after forcing you to retrofit every building you own – or they will most likely take it.

Sorry to be a tad melodramatic and stomp on poor Tom’s few words but he’s also a Grokster and he knows what happens when I get wound up when somebody is coming to take things and values that they shouldn’t be touching in the first place.