WDLNH ‘Hold the Line” Fifth Annual Gun Rally – NH State Rep Judy Aron - Granite Grok

WDLNH ‘Hold the Line” Fifth Annual Gun Rally – NH State Rep Judy Aron

Judy Aron HTL Rally

Yesterday was the Women’s Defense League of NH’s Fifth Annual Gun Rally complete with a number of Conservative groups, informed speakers, a crowd that filled the State House plaza in Concord, NH – and of course, GraniteGrok!

NH State Representative Judy Aron was the next speaker. A transplant from Connecticut, she spoke of the avalanche of anti-gun legislation (112 bills!) after the Sandy Hook crime spree and how the NH Democrats are stigmatizing gun owners here with similar bills even though we are law abiding.

The mark of a Citizen is the freedom of choice and the unfettered ability to exercise one’s Rights.  There is a fine line between representation and governance – there is a huge chasm between representative governance and Rule by Ideology. The latter is why NH Rep Aron left CT – and has run right back into the same mess.  Democrats are greedy as any capitalist they complain about in their rantings; they either refuse to see it or don’t care that we see it. Their coin of greed is sheer naked Power to tell others how they will live their lives – they wish to leave us no choices of our own.