Part 2 of NH House Criminal Justice & Safety Committee – Executive sessions for HB514 Firearm Waiting Period, Deadly Force, and other bills

In addition to HB687 , the “Red Flag” law that anti-gun and anti- Constitution NH Rep Debra Altschiller (Socialist, as the Democrats no longer have a different between them and even hard core Socialists can’t give any such info) is the prime Sponsor, another anti-gun was “exec’d” (or voted on by the Committee) yesterday that should be of interest to Second Amendment supporters: HB514-FN.  It will require that a 7 business day period elapse between the time you pay for a firearm and when you can actually take possession of your private property EVEN if you have already passed the required background check (NICS) that says you are not a prohibited person.

Again, in this Constitutional Right, the Left wants to further do the “dismantling of the Second Amendment by a thousand regulations”. Of course, the Legislative part of Government exempts other parts of the same Government from this same law.  And of course, it is the convicted elder abuse Democrat that the Democrat Party hasn’t shunned for assaulting someone that doesn’t share her ideology, NH State Rep Katherine Rogers that is the prime sponsor of this bill.  It is clear that no civilian should be allowed to have a firearm and she just continues to do anything she can to make it harder to keep and bear arms.

It was passed on a Party line vote, 12-8. Here’s the videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: